Development afficionado. I love experimenting and hacking with Javascript, but a bit of C++ from time to time feels refreshing.

Maël Nison

Or maybe “Arcanis”

  • Pokélib

    Demo project, the Pokélib is the first library using the Virt.js environment. It exposes a convenient javascript API to manipulate the runtime values of a running Pokemon rom.

  • Virt.js

    Virt.js is an emulation environment at its core, containing useful and reusable tools. However, it also contains various emulator engine, the first one being the GameBoy. Each one being packaged as a library, they can be used in any application type.

  • Sketchfab

    Sketchfab is the leader of the 3D content publishing on the web. Using advanced technologies such as WebGL, we give artists a convenient way to showcase their works. I'm currently working as frontend developer.

  • Voxplode

    A long-running project of mine has been to implement a voxel world using WebGL. Voxplode is the conclusion of those experiments. It features a marching cube implemention, powered by a thread pool (using javascript's Workers).

  • Canada

    I spent a year in Canada (Montréal) for my studies. A great country, with great people! On top of meeting caribous, I also gave a few talks at JSMontréal.

  • Castel

    Castel is pretty fun project unrelated to the web development. It's both a library (libcastel), a compiler (castelc), and a programming language (castel itself). It is made in C++, using LLVM / Boost / CMake. I sometimes try to compile it using Emscripten.

  • Wisembly

    Wisembly is a web solution whose goal is to give tools allowing a better communication between meeting participants. I stayed at this company for six month as frontend intern.

  • And a hell lot more of various lesser projects — FFIX, particles, prolog … :)