Javascript developer with too many side projects. But hey, it's fun!

Maël Nison

Aka “Arcanis”

  • Facebook

    And after working for startups for so long, megacorps, here I come! I joined Facebook in February 2017, focusing my efforts on improving the state of our Javascript tools. In this context, I act as core maintainer for Yarn, the Javascript package manager.

  • Wisembly

    About four years after my internship, Wisembly offered me a really nice full-time position in their team as frontend engineer. My work there has been to setup a new test environment, to rewrite a third of the application using React, and similar stuff.

  • Start9

    Start9 is a pet project of mine. It's a multi-system console emulator, which can be used without any installation. Some additional features: saves, filters, smartphone-as-a-controller... quite a lot, really. I originally planned to monetize it somehow, but it didn't work out (I even applied to YCombinator with it!).

  • Limited Spoiler

    I worked with a very good friend on a small app intended for every Magic: The Gathering players. It's a kind of facemash but with Magic cards instead, and offering some competitive features.

  • Neucoin

    Neucoin was a (now defunct) cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin. It intended to spread the adoption of crypto-coins to the masses by dedicating vast resources toward a strong marketing plan. I've worked with them as software developer for just about a year, tweaking and improving their official client.

  • Paris.js

    I regularly showcase my projects during the Paris.js meetups. Some of them have even been filmed (second part)! Very fun to do, I definitely advise you to jump in and try for yourself (even if it might get stressing the first few times :)

  • Sketchfab

    Sketchfab is the leader of the 3D content publishing on the web. Using advanced technologies such as WebGL, they give artists a convenient way to showcase their works. I've worked with them as their first fulltime frontend developer, for about a year and a half.

  • Voxplode

    A long-running project of mine has been to implement a voxel world using WebGL. Voxplode is the conclusion of those experiments. It features a marching cube implemention, powered by a thread pool (using javascript's Workers).

  • Canada

    I spent a year in Canada (Montréal) for my studies. A great country, with great people! On top of meeting caribous and drinking mapple syrup, I also gave a few talks at JSMontréal.

  • Castel

    Castel is pretty fun project unrelated to the web development. It's both a library (libcastel), a compiler (castelc), and a programming language (castel itself). It is made in C++, using LLVM / Boost / CMake. I sometimes try to compile it using Emscripten.

  • Wisembly

    Wisembly is a web solution whose goal is to give tools allowing a better communication between meeting participants. I stayed at this company for six month as frontend intern.

  • And a hell lot more of various projects — FFIX, particles, prolog … :)